Close at Hand offers ecosystem services and products for urban homeowners. We design, fabricate

and install unique and custom garden features to equip individuals and communities to garden efficiently, live sustainably and maximize their enjoyment of their outdoor space.

The composition of our business combines artistic talent with a firm knowledge in fabrication and building techniques. We have years of experience in multiple fabrication modalities and gardening.

Close at Hand is incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania and is fully licensed and insured with the City of Philadelphia. 

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We see ourselves as stewards of the natural and human made world.


We are committed to best practices that promote sustainable ecologies and contribute to well-built and lasting spaces.

We love the environment

  • We re-purpose materials into our built projects.
  • We control weeds by hand picking and mulching.
  • We prioritize planting native and adaptive species.
  • We use integrated pest management to control nuisance pests and to encourage garden-friendly ones.
  • We compost and recycle 90% of our waste.

Made well, made here, made in the U.S.A

  • We pay attention to the details. Good workmanship matters to us. We ensure that details of the job are taken care of.
  • We guarantee our work.  Our 18 month warranty goes beyond the average industry standard. We expect our products to last and if they don’t we have no problem returning to fix them.
  • Philly is our home. We live here. We work here and our shop is located in Philadelphia.

People matter to us too!

  • We prioritize communication. We are committed to being responsive and timely when communicating with all of our clients. We value sharing knowledge, honesty and frankness.      
  • We pay fair wages. We pay all employees well over the minimum wage. Our employees keep close contact with the owners and often work alongside each other.
  • We are licensed and insured. We are an approved contractor with the Philadelphia Water Department’s RainCheck Program. Assuring you that our company meets the basic standard in the industry.