Our products are fabricated with the utmost care for safety, durability, and beauty. We consider the aesthetics of each piece as an integral component to the overall utility of the work. 


Window Boxes and Planters

We assist clients in selecting the best planters and window boxes for their space in addition to building custom one-of-a kind boxes. The easiest way to get started growing your favorite plants is to install a planter. This provides flexibility as to where plants are located, making it easily accessible for watering, an ideal location for sun exposure, or for the best visibility.  



Close at Hand offers creative artistic approaches to hardscaping and fabrication projects. We consider the  particulars of each project and come up with unique solutions not offered by large hardscaping companies. We strive to use repurposed and native materials in our work and following best industry practices. For larger hardscaping projects Close at Hand contracts and coordinates with other professionals to meet all your hardscaping needs.


Custom designs can be created to enhance your surroundings. We fabricate railings, trellises, and tree guards. Our railings are ready to receive your garden planters. The Railings are fabricated out of high-quality steel and painted with a professional exterior paint to protect them from wet weather conditions. Optional wooden capping enable garden planters to rest on a wide surface.  Brackets are available for mounting planters to the sides of the railings.  Mounting ears for trellises can be fabricated to the posts to allow for ease of installation.
Whether you want to purify the air in your living room, make room for growing melons in a tight but sunny space or just love the idea of a green wall, vertical gardening is for you. We fabricate and install vertical garden systems onto front facades of homes, concrete walls and to railings and decks.

Rain Catchment Systems and Irrigation

Rain Catchment Systems are designed to assist urban gardeners with harvesting and efficiently utilizing roof rainwater runoff. Rainwater catchment systems not only save residents money by conserving the city water they use, but also assist in preserving the regions watershed by reducing the amount of run-off that enters our rivers.

We offer rain barrels, stands, downspout planters, and irrigation systems.

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