Landscape Services

We offer personalized one-on-one assistance to meet the horticulture and outdoor needs of our clients. Our services range from complimentary consultations, site evaluations, custom site specific designs and regular maintenance and repairs of our products, planters and raised beds.

IMG_20160414_144628Complimentary Consultation

We are happy to meet with you in your space and welcome the opportunity to share our insights and observations with you. We offer a 30-minute complimentary consultation.

During this visit we will ask you questions about your space and your desires for greening it.  Based on the feedback we will share  inspirational ideas and solutions for improving your site.

Garden Maintenance

Site Evaluations

Close at Hand assists homeowners and small businesses in evaluating the best products and services for enhancing a specific space for gardening and outdoor living.  A written report along with an elevated rendering is generated, making specific recommendations for use.  Half of the evaluation fee is credited towards any purchase or services rendered with Close at Hand.

Site Design

We create garden designs for clients who have a need for a site-specific solution that is beyond the scope of our product selections.  A technical rendering of the design is produced for the client. A percentage of the fee for the design is credited toward production of future work with Close at Hand.


Installation Services

Close at Hand offers a diverse selection of installation garden and hardscaping services  Plants are procured from locally-grown, high quality, wholesale nurseries. All plants are inspected prior to purchase and best horticultural practices are used when planting. High quality and often organic amendment are use to enhance the fertility and the ph of the existing soil. Soil tests are often utilized to assist with this process. Best horticultural and industry practices are used with planting and installing products. We ensure that the utmost attention for safety and durability is maintained. Consideration for the environment is included in all the work we do.



We can help you select the appropriate plants for your planters through the seasons. Plantings take into consideration the conditions of a site, including sun exposure, hardiness, and drought tolerance. Care goes into making each planting beautiful in its own right.


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