Custom Fabrication

We offer design and fabrication expertise to meet the structural and aesthetic needs of our clients’ homes. We offer complimentary consultations and concept design solutions, as well as installation, maintenance and repairs of all our fabricated products

Complimentary Consultation

We are happy to meet with you in your space and welcome the opportunity to share our insights and observations with you. We offer a 30-minute complimentary consultation. During this visit we will ask you questions about your space and your fabrication needs.  Based on the feedback we will share inspirational ideas and solutions at no cost to you.

Concept Designs

Close at Hand assists homeowners with choosing the best design solution for their fabrication needs. Concept sketches are developed making specific recommendations for use.  Half of the evaluation fee for the sketches are credited towards any purchase or services rendered with Close at Hand.

Installation Services

Close at Hand offers installation of all its fabricated products.  We ensure that all our products are installed with the utmost attention for safety and durability. Consideration for the environment is included in all the work we do.

Maintenance and Repairs

We maintain many of our products, as well as products of other vendors. We offer year-round service for replenishing beds and containers, cleaning out rain-barrels and beds, repairing leaky and clogged gutters, power-washing decks and fences, as well as sharpening your tools. Whether you have a gate, a railing or a planter bracket that is coming unhinged, no job is too small.

Get started with a complimentary consultation