Plantings and Upkeep




Close at Hand offers plantings services specific to urban habitats – roof decks, street beds, shade gardens, container and window boxes. Plants are selected to meet the conditions of the specific site. We source all of our plants from local, high-quality wholesale nurseries. All plants are inspected prior to purchase. Organic amendments are used to enhance the fertility and adjust the pH of the existing soil. Soil tests are often utilized to assist with this process. Best horticultural and design practices are used when planting. Preference to native and adaptive non-native is prioritized. Consideration for the environment is included in all the work we do.



Roof Decks 


Roof decks present  harsh heat and wind conditions. Selecting plants that can withstand both, over long periods, is key to a successful roof deck garden. We install irrigation systems and use different methods for watering. Our custom roof deck soil is specifically engineered to retain water.




Shade Gardens



Urban gardens are often shaded by other buildings. This poses a problem for gardeners when finding plants that will thrive in less than ideal light conditions. Close at Hand selects shade tolerant plants that are beautiful and lasting.





Planters and Window Boxes

We offer fanciful container and window box plantings year around. Combinations of plantings create beautiful striking displays to brighten up entry ways. Utilizing annuals, perennials,  or winter greens, we create arrangements that are seasonal and complement spaces.











 Close at Hand offers a variety of garden upkeep services for the urban gardener and homeowner.  We assist with Spring and Fall bed preparation, tilling, pruning, weeding and yard debris removal.We dedicate specialized care towards maintaining the beauty of spaces. The plants will routinely cared for with the best practices to promote a flourishing green space. Hardscaping will be tended to with a dedication to spatial beauty as well as attention to detailed cleaning and repairs. With an eye for the relationship between organic and inorganic, we provide consistent care for plants as well as the space they inhabit.

Installation Services

Close at Hand offers installation of all its fabricated products.  We ensure that all our products are installed with the utmost attention for safety and durability. Consideration for the environment is included in all the work we do.


Maintenance and Repairs

We maintain many of our products, as well as products of other vendors. We offer year-round service for replenishing beds and containers, cleaning out rain-barrels and beds, repairing leaky and clogged gutters, power-washing decks and fences, as well as sharpening your tools. Whether you have a gate, a railing, or a planter bracket that is coming unhinged, no job is too small.


Soil Renovation

Close at Hand offers soil renovation for urban depleted soil. Often city beds are a mixture of construction debris and lack organic matter. For this reason before planting it is often needed to remove debris, adjust the ph and add organic matter. For optimal growing conditions we recommend soil to be renovated prior to planting. 

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