Meet the Owner

Lena Helen

Principle owner and designer 

Lena Helen is an educator, designer, artist, gardener and entrepreneur. Formally trained in the arts, Lena has a masters degree from Maine College of Art in interdisciplinary studio art. Prior to receiving her graduate degree she spent her formative years teaching art for the Portland Museum of Art and the Regional Arts Counsel in Portland Oregon, all the while maintaining her own art practice as a landscape painter. With her MFA in interdisciplinary studies she pursued a teaching career at Moore College in Philadelphia teaching Basic Design, Color Theory and Digital Studio Art. Inspired to participate in the revitalization of her neighborhood, she launched the Kensington Community Food Coop Grocer in 2007.  The business start up skills she acquired, along with her creative experience gave her the impetus to launch Close at Hand Innovations in 2016. Lena lives in Philadelphia with her husband Paul Filanowski and their son William with their 2 cats Buttons and Zipper and their 2 dogs Myra and Benji. 

See what inspires me on my Instagram. Check out our projects as we work on them.  It is also a log of visual inspiration.



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