Sarah’s Backyard

Yard before upgrades

Yard before upgrades

RECONFIGURATION OF RAISED BED : This raised bed was twice the size of its current configuration.  We removed all the dirt and shortened the bed to a dimension more appropriate for the size of the yard.  We then moved it to the left of yard to open up the space, while still having optimal sun exposure for growing sun-loving vegetables.

LAWN REPLACEMENT –The success of a laying a new lawn is in the preparation. We removed the old sod, prepared the soil by tilling and removing rocks and debris. And then amended with fertilizer, compost and tested and balanced the ph.  We leveled the area and laid fresh new sod for a clean, tidy look. Perfect for small children to play and relax on. EDGING – We distinguished the beds under the clematis vines by first weeding the encroaching grass and dressing with compost and bark mulch.  We then edged with a stone blocks to give it a finished look and limiting the growth of the grass under the vines and behind the bed.  For a view of the yard prior to our work.

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July 21, 2016